Does Major League Baseball Really Need A League Wide “Face” To Promote The Game?

Jayson Stark is one of the few widely respected baseball writers on ESPN.  His articles (despite not using saber) are usually must read; that includes his most recent article. It does raise an interesting question, and it is something that definitely deserves attention. That being said, it is a premise I completely disagree with.

The premise is that Major League Baseball needs to have a “LeBron James type of player” to help really promote the game…the League. While LeBron has really helped the NBA increase its reach, he has also brought some welcome attention to the NBA as well (The Decision was not that smartest idea ever). The idea that a one-or two-players can help to promote an entire game is a little wonky.

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4 responses to “Does Major League Baseball Really Need A League Wide “Face” To Promote The Game?

  1. Riddle me this. If the argument is that baseball needs one big star to be “the face of the game,” then why doesn’t football need one? Answer: Because football knows how to market both its product and its stars. that the true key to success here.

    • Neil Roberts

      While I agree with your sentiment…what Peyton Manning and/or Tom Brady have done for the NFL has been crazy amazing

      • Yeah, but they aren’t one face. Not to mention, how many other guys have been used to market the NFL in the meantime. Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, Troy Polamalu, just to name a few…not to mention all the old players that show up in commercials.

      • Neil Roberts

        Very much so

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