Bust, Trust or Sleeper: 2013 NBA Draft Edition

The Daily Sports Obsession

Bust, Trust or Sleeper is back! Just like the NFL Draft, it’s time to break the NBA Draft into the players who will soon be busts, the players I trust, and the sleepers of the group. Who will end up being Darko, who will be like D-Wade, and who could be a David West-type sleeper? Let’s do it!


  • Alex Len, Center, Maryland. Putting Len at the top of the busts list does not mean I don’t think the big man out of Maryland will be a productive NBA player; it’s about where he’s being projected. Experts are putting Len at either #1, #3, or #4. If you want to him to be your franchise player, you’re going to be disappointed, because he’s not a better big man than Noel. He comes with injury questions, poor ball-handling, and has yet to develop a good face-up jumper. One of the biggest concerns is his…

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