Crazy NBA Offseason Ahead

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The Miami Heat, led by superstars LeBron James and Dwyane Wade, may have just won their second championship in a row, but the drama in the NBA is just beginning. We have a crazy offseason ahead of us, and what goes down in the next few weeks, along with July and August, might make the difference of who is holding up the Larry O’Brien Trophy next year. There are a lot of big events and decisions on the agenda, including:

  • Will the Celtics-Clippers trade happen? Will Doc Rivers and Kevin Garnett become members of the Los Angeles Clippers soon? I think there’s a big sense of urgency on both sides for this deal to happen, and Danny Ainge is feeling the most pressure. He knows that getting DeAndre Jordan would be the beginning of a reloading process, with a lot of young talent coming in as the Celtics reinvent their identity. Losing…

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