The “We” vs “They” Fan Argument: Who’s Right?

The Daily Sports Obsession

We all have our favorite teams. Whether it’s one of us bloggers, or the chicken wing-eating fan at your local bar, every sports fan has a rooting interest. How they choose to express their fandom, however, varies from person to person. One of the biggest debates between fans is how one refers to his favorite team, specifically the “We” vs “They” argument. Confused as to what I mean? I’ll explain.

Here’s the scenario: you’re at your local sports restaurant watching some Sunday afternoon NFL action (I know you’re itching for this scenario again. Only a few more months). The crazy guy near you with the XXXL Chad Pennington Jets jersey he hasn’t washed since 2004 has been screaming his head off all game as his boys are struggling against the division rival Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins fan, however, is relaxing at the bar, sipping a beer and lounging in his…

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