The “Tebow Theory:” Eventually, Somebody Is Going To Build An NFL Offense Around a Quarterback Who Can’t Throw

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With the arrival of Tim Tebow in New England, this seems like as good as time as any to explore in detail a discussion I’ve had with several football fans. The NFL of the past few years has become a league infatuated with the passing game to a point where several offenses in this league almost completely ignore the running game. The teams that do this have a luxury in today’s NFL…they have a quarterback who can throw the ball.

The team that has had the most success with this approach is obvious; the New England Patriots. In Tom Brady, New England currently has a guy who is clearly one of the great quarterbacks in the history of this league. Offenses built around the passing game, such as that of the current Patriots, the Peyton Manning-era Colts, or even their predecessors such as the Dan Marino-era Dolphins or the “Air Coryell” San Diego Chargers all shared a common trait; they all had top-flight quarterbacks. Hell, even the Los Angeles Rams of the 1950’s used two all-star quarterbacks (Bob Waterfield and Norm Van Brocklin) to set all kinds of early NFL passing records.

The problem with this approach is two-fold. First of all, not everybody can get an All-Pro quarterback. It’s not like they grow on trees. That begs the question: What do you do if you can’t get one of these “big-time” quarterbacks? Right now in the NFL, there are far too many teams taking the square peg/round hole approach, meaning they are trying to turn guys who just don’t have the requisite skill sets into the ringmaster of an NFL aerial circus. This is why NFL fans get to watch far too much bad quarterback play.

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One response to “The “Tebow Theory:” Eventually, Somebody Is Going To Build An NFL Offense Around a Quarterback Who Can’t Throw

  1. There is no better place Tebow could have ended up in than New England. Under the tutelage of Belichick and Brady, Tebow can learn how to be a true NFL QB. This was Mr. Tebow’s perfect fit.

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