If I Was Commissioner of the World… Eight New Sports Rules

The Daily Sports Obsession

In sports, we need a new set-up when it comes to commissioners. We have too many commissioners spending much too long at their current positions, and it’s time for a change. With David Stern and Bud Selig both going to retire soon, I propose one commissioner of the world, or at least the major American sports. This idea got me thinking: What if I was commissioner of the world? What new rules would I make? I came up with eight good ones. Here we go!

  • Rule #1: Baseball managers will no longer wear uniforms. Some managers look good in a baseball uniform, but most look more on the Charlie Manuel side. Even with the more fit ones, the problem with managers wearing uniforms and numbers is that they simply aren’t players. They don’t need numbers when they aren’t even going to be playing in the game. What’s the point of their number? No one’s…

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