I’m not sure if I am slowing slipping into some early onset of bitter old-man syndrome (You know, the type of miserable old coot that speaks mostly in angry gibberish and seems like the villain from a Scooby-Doo cartoon) or if the Stanley Cup Playoffs just make me that way.

I spent most of last night once again screaming at my television like a crazy person. (Side note: My wife made me agree that I get 25 times to write the phrase “Like a crazy person” before I have to change it to “because I am a crazy person”.  I have 17 left.) Not because the Pens were playing poorly, they did win 4-1 and made it look fairly easy at that. No, the way the played last night was outstanding.

SO WHERE THE #$@% WAS THIS %^ $!$%^ EFFORT LAST @^*!@#$ WEEK AGAINST THE @#$*!%@ ISLANDERS?!?! Continue reading →


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