Stanley Cup Playoffs: Round 2

What a blistering first round of playoff hockey. Aside from the Red Wings knocking off Anaheim there weren’t any upsets. Well, no surprises anyways. The Senators beating the Canadiens qualifies as an upset because of their seeding, but it’s hardly all that surprising considering how the Habs backed into the playoffs.

This one is going to hurt for a long, looong time. Courtesy Toronto Sun

This one is going to hurt for a long, looong time. Courtesy Toronto Sun

And OOOooh the drama that unfolded in Toronto. I’ve been hard on Leafs fans before, but no fan base deserves that. Nobody. For such a loyal and devout group to have gone so long without a postseason appearance, only to see their season end in such heart-wrenching fashion…against a division foe and long time rival…almost unbearable. To the Leafs fans in Toronto and abroad that aren’t complete jag-offs: You have my sincerest condolences.

In all I was 7-for-8 in my first round predictions and nailed 4 out of 8 series lengths. Not bad. I’m sure the 2nd round will be even better than the first: Continue reading.



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2 responses to “Stanley Cup Playoffs: Round 2

  1. It’s official. The Toronto Maple Leafs are the Chicago Cubs of the NHL.

  2. Haha Jon. But seriously, how do you know when a game gets away from you? When they’ve already said on sports talk radio that the game is practically over.

    Everybody’s talking about how the Bruins rallied in the last minutes of that game (And they did) but let’s be honest it takes a certain type of special in order to blow a game like the Leafs did.


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