Polls of the Day 5/14/2013

The Daily Sports Obsession

Polls of the Day is back! The ESPN SportsNation polls of the day, analyzed and voted on by yours truly. Lots to vote on today, let’s do it!

  • Can the Heat win the NBA title without a healthy Dwyane Wade?
  • Choices: Yes, No
  • My Vote: Yes
  • This is a no-brainer, the answer is absolutely yes. I’m interpreting this question as meaning if they can win the title with a gimpy, slightly-limping Wade rather than a Wade that is sitting out on the sidelines, in which case I look back to last year. Every season, Miami’s star shooting guard is banged up in the playoffs. Last year he had injuries to his back and knee, and even needed to get fluid drained from the knee in last year’s Pacers series. He struggled a lot in that postseason, but his injuries didn’t ruin the Heat’s chances of winning the title. This year, Miami is fortunate to have…

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