The Dubsism 2013 NFL Draft Review – What We Told Them vs. What They Did vs. What ESPN Won’t Tell You


JW and Goodell draft

Things to Remember:

  • References to the “Kiper Theory” are ironically based on our Dubsism Anti-Kiper NFL Draft Board. The “Kiper Theory” is the one that states teams must take the best player available, regardless of team needs.
  • We rate drafts using the proprietary formula of the Dubsism Draft Quotient. This formula rates drafts picks based on rankings of players players based on overall ratings and within each position, balanced against team needs and when the pick was made.
  • We refused to change our board based on hype, workouts, or whatever Todd McShay or any of those other hacks says. As the only draft prognosticators who actually watches college football games and not just film clips earlier than December, we based our rankings on something simple: the guy we thought would be the best NFL player. We covered as to why we reject conventional wisdom in our Team-by-Team warning about…

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