Time for Acceptance


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  1. There’s an important point that is being missed in all of this, if for no other reason than than we are being given no other option than to drink the “politically correct” Kool-Aid on this subject. That’s a shame because this really isn’t the historic moment we are being told it is.

    If you doubt that, consider the following: One of the beautiful things about human nature is that it never changes, and one of the great truths of human nature is that people don’t do things without having a motivation. So, what was Collins’ motivation to make this announcement at this time?

    The “feel-good” reason I’m being sold is that this now allows the gay athlete to cast off the veil of secrecy about their sexuality. If that were the case, then the element of timing wouldn’t matter in Collins’ story, but unfortunately, it does.

    Think about it. Why would he wait until the end of his career if this was going to be such a freeing moment? Make no mistake, this is the end of his career, and not because of his sexuality. His career is over because he is a 34-year old journeyman player who wasn’t re-signed by one of the worst franchises in the league.

    The key is in the phrase “the first ACTIVE player to come out.” Technically, he isn’t “active”, because he is not currently under contract to any team, and he’s not going to be. What it comes down to is nothing has really changed…we have had lots of guys come out after their careers were over. This one is simply not waiting a year or two to say it.

    What it all comes down to is while the media and those with a political stake in this issue would like us all to believe this was a historic moment, that truly won’t happen, and change will not truly come until an athlete who has something to lose makes this move.

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