2013 NFL Draft: Unnecesary Mock Draft #12,402,387 Ver. 1.5

I’ve never been a big fan of the over-emphasis being put on the quarterback position by the NFL. Aside from  breaking from the concept of it being a true “team sport”, it is actually doing the entire position a disservice. Teams don’t want to develop a quarterback anymore, they want a franchise QB right out of the box like Andrew Luck or Cam Newton.

It’s one thing to pull the plug on Kevin Kolb or Carson Palmer. It’s another to give up on Ryan Fitzpatrick or Blaine Gabbert. Neither has had anything close to what I would consider a strong supporting cast. There are 2, maybe 3, QB’s in the NFL that could be successful on the Bills right now. I don’t believe any QB could have gotten the Jaguars to the playoffs last year. And be sure that Geno Smith is no better than Gabbert or Fitzpatrick. I still can’t wrap my head around Buffalo’s decision to cut Fitzpatrick, but Jacksonville’s recent (reported) interest in Geno Smith is even more puzzling.

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