Better Inebriants, Better Amnesia, Papa John’s



Via Bro Bible

Let’s stop for a moment to admire the title of this article. You get it? Am I talented or what??

Last night, Papa John hit the town to watch the NCAA championship game. From the looks of it, you might say he was “three sheets to the wind,” or “schnockered,” or “sloshed to the gills” or my personal favorite: “pissed as a fart.”

If only he were there with Peyton Manning to plan next year’s Superbowl Pizza Giveaway.. 

– “Hey Papa, how about 2 million pizzas?”


We missed a huge opportunity for free pizzas last night. For shame Peyton Manning, for shame…

What was Papa drinking? Sources say it was his own concoction: “Vodka John’s”

“Vodka John’s” Recipe (Patent Pending):

– 1 oz. Pinnacle Vodka

– 1 oz. DeKuyper Amaretto

– 1 oz. Papa John’s Special Garlic Dipping Sauce



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One response to “Better Inebriants, Better Amnesia, Papa John’s

  1. Nicely done.

    At least he had come cold pizza in his fridge the next morning to soothe his hangover.

    Or better yet, don’t you have the visual of him and his boys sneaking into the closest Papa John’s with the munchies at 4 in the morning.

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