America’s Pastime: The Debate

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America’s pastime. It’s an honor baseball has claimed throughout its’ history. From Cy Young to Verlander, Cool Papa Bell to Mike Trout, it cannot be debated that baseball is a piece of Americana. However, the game of football has become the most-watched sport in the United States by far. Fans are now arguing that the game of football is, in fact, the real “America’s Pastime.” This debate has been raging for years and it’s time for our great nation to come to a verdict. Let’s break it down: which sport should it be?


Reasons for football as America’s pastime: Die-hard football fans will argue that football is the red-blooded, weekend spectacle that should be considered our nation’s pastime over the game of baseball. One of the main reasons is TV. 19.3 million viewers tuned in during the regular season this year, and despite the blackout nonsense that brought the Ravens-49ers Super Bowl to…

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  1. Great piece. There’s another reason why baseball is the clear winner here. Look at how many terms from baseball are permanently rooted in our every-day speech.

    When something is a success, it’s a “home run,” not a “touchdown.” To the opposite, failures are “strikeouts,” not “fumbles.” Think about it, and see how many baseball teams you can come up with that are now every-day terms. Football may now be “America’s sport,” but it will never achieve the cultural significance that baseball has.

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