Show me the Math: It’s Wallstreet Season.

show me the math

Baseball’s most endearing qualities are the simplest ones. The pace allows for fans to relax and enjoy the game and atmosphere without all the drama of a constantly moving NFL, NBA or NHL game. The calmness. The summer weather. Each game isn’t quite as meaningful as, say, an NFL game, so there isn’t the unnecessary anxiety that comes with each loss. It is easy to learn, but impossible to master. It is an endless series of paper/scissors/rock philosophies and theories about how the game should be played, but yet those conversations somehow never get tiresome or tedious. In other sports they may be empty words, but in MLB the old saying “we’ll get ‘em tomorrow” is true both literally and figuratively.

Baseball’s most frustrating qualities are the most obvious ones. A horribly broken economic system. A minor league system that infuriates and confuses fans why/when some players are called up/sent down. Different rules for different leagues. The lead-foot behavior of its leadership to address any of the above problems, to say nothing of PED’s or instant replay, which as yet still have been given only a cursory acknowledgement as a real problem. Real issues are given only lip service, if not outright ignored.

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