Coach’s Rant Bracket: A Tournament of the 32 Best Coaching Rants in Sports History (Round 1)

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In the spirit of March Madness, I have decided to create an Official Coach’s Rant Bracket. The field consists of 32 of the most memorable and shocking coaching rants in sports history. YOUR vote will determine which rant is the champion. In other words, “If you want to crown ’em, then crown their ass.” You might have a couple questions:

What makes a rant the “best”?

That’s really up to you. There are so many factors in play here. Shock value, amount of f-bombs, passion, strangeness or what ever else you can think of that makes a rant great.

Why only 32 rants? Why not 64?

After 32 rants, I was really only left with obscure Russian soccer coaches screaming things that I couldn’t understand. I didn’t want to saturate the field. These are the best 32 coaching rants out there.

How long will each round last?

Each round will last exactly one week.

Who decides the winners?

YOU! This whole bracket won’t work without your participation. Be sure to vote early and often and make sure that your favorite rant makes it to the championship.

Without further adieu, I give you the first round match-ups. Happy ranting!

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2 responses to “Coach’s Rant Bracket: A Tournament of the 32 Best Coaching Rants in Sports History (Round 1)

  1. Man, putting Singletary as a four seed with Elia as the one is simply unfair.

  2. Brilliant stuff.. but it is missing the Tommy Lasorda “He hit three fucking home runs” tirade. That would easily be a #2 at least in this bracket.

    And just go over to Dubsism and search “Houston Nutt.” You’ll see why i miss the man. He was a never-ending source of material.

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