OK, so I get that the Berlin Wall came down close to 25 years ago. But it still has far-reaching impacts. Stolichnaya vodka isn’t hard to get anymore. Guys can beat off to pictures of Maria Sharapova without feeling like a traitor. And college basketball is full of guys with names that can’t be pronounced with a western tongue.

To keep this rant concise, I’m sticking to five examples; feel free to submit your own.  I’ve picked out these guys because I think all of them have a shot to be NBA players in the near future. So even the guys you won’t see in the upcoming March Madness you re likely going to see on an NBA team near you. Oh, and just for purposes of clarity, I’m staying away from all the African guys…names like “Mbakwe” that also have consecutive like some these Europeans would be just too…

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