Holy Cow! What a dumbass!

Once again Rick Reilly has shown why he is the greatest scam in all of sports. How ass clowns like Reilly manage to make a career making their idiotic opinions sound like golden nuggets of wisdom straight from the mouth of the Dali Lama is beyond me. Every time he says anything he makes me realize that the line between legitimate, respectable journalist and eloquent sounding hack is nothing more than being at the front of debate and controversy.

A friend of mine going through college as a journalist major once told me:

“When gun shots are fired the best journalists run towards the sound, not away from it.”

To which I replied “And the worst journalists are the ones pulling the trigger.”

Rick Reilly penned this piece of shit article claiming the Chicago Cubs have suffered (suffered!!) 98 years of Championship Free baseball because they must endure the lead anchor necklace that is Wrigley Field. Because Wrigley Field is apparently such a financial burden and the drain on the Cubs finances is the biggest reason the Cubs are America’s most lovable losers.

Horse shit. Absolute horse shit.

(read the full article here)


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One response to “Holy Cow! What a dumbass!

  1. Wrigley Field is an embarrassment to baseball, but people love it. However, it sure as shit isn’t the reason the Cubs can’t win. For decades, the Cubs have had crap owners, who have hired crap general managers, who have signed crap.players. The Cubs have gotten away with that BECAUSE of Wrigley. People love that hundred-year old eyesore, and they keep showing up because of that stadium, not the team. What would Reilly have the Cubs do? Build a two billion dollar stadium out the suburbs? The minute they do that, the stop being the Cubs and start becoming just another shitty baseball team.

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