Big Ten, ACC Tournament Predictions

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The Big Ten and ACC Tournaments are underway, and two of college basketball’s top tournaments to watch year after year will be even better this year with increased parity and competition. Because games are going on today there wasn’t time for a full comprehensive preview, so here are my game-by-game predictions for both tourneys. Which teams will win? Let’s do it!

Big Ten Tournament- Chicago, Illinois

1st round

(8) Illinois vs (9) Minnesota: Illinois

(5) Michigan vs (12) Penn State: Michigan

(6) Iowa vs (11) Northwestern: Iowa

(7) Purdue vs (10) Nebraska: Nebraska


(1) Indiana vs (8) Illinois: Indiana

(4) Wisconsin vs (5) Michigan: Michigan

(3) Michigan State vs (6) Iowa: Michigan State

(2) Ohio State vs (10) Nebraska: Ohio State


(1) Indiana vs (5) Michigan: Indiana

(2) Ohio State vs (3) Michigan State: Michigan State

Championship Game

(1) Indiana vs (3) Michigan State: Indiana

ACC Tournament- Greensboro, North Carolina

1st round

(8) Boston College vs…

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