Show me the Math: NL West preview

show me the math( This is a continuation of series of posts that will attempt to predict the outcome of the upcoming MLB season using nothing more than math, Payroll projections, past outcomes and a new way to view the economics of baseball. It would behoove you to read the original explanation of terms and concepts before proceeding.)

No other division in baseball more acutely displays the idiotic economic system in baseball in such grand fashion as the National League west. To the far right you have the LA Dodgers: Filled with intrigue and drama. The bankruptcy. The owners with fake tans and piles of money. Public divorces and tabloid accusations. Only the septic tank of LA could take something as American as the Dodgers and turn them into just another bad reality show. And of course, like everything else in Los Angeles, no matter how stupid and grotesque it becomes, it makes an absurd amount of money. For the first time in nearly over 20 years the New York Yankees are not going to be the team with the highest payroll. Less than a year after a messy divorce and bankruptcy the Dodgers are set to start the year with an estimated $213 million dollar payroll. Some have that number closer to a quarter of a BILLION.

90 miles south the San Diego Padres will start the year with a payroll of $65 million. The Dodgers have three outfielders that would cost 2/3rds of the Padres entire payroll. The Padres don’t have one player that makes more than $7.5 mil. The Dodgers have ELEVEN. The Dodgers projected $213 mil payroll is only 7% less ($14 mil) than the Padres, Rockies and Diamondbacks payroll combined. (Padres $65 mil, Rockies $73 mil, Diamondbacks $89 mil=$227)

I’m begging…no..In fact I’m daring you to explain that. How is this fair again? Exactly how does this league have a shred of credibility?

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  1. On the payroll thing…Nobody said life was fair. Frankly, I don’t have a problem with teams who want to spend money, largely because big payroll is no guarantee of big success. Don’t forget the Dodgers ate a big chunk of Boston’s mis-spent money, and there’s a fair chance that it won’t work in Los Angeles either. There’s a ton of teams who have spent big money and got nothing to show for it. People love to used to point to the Yankees when they wanted to talk about bloated payrolls, but the Yanks lost as often, if not more often, than the won when they had huge payrolls. How many Mets teams had triple-digit million dollar payrolls to finish third or worst?

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