SBM Exclusive Feature: The BLAST-CAST – Volume 2: Derrick Rose Exposes The Hypocrisy Of The Sports Media

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In today’s episode of the SBM Blast-Cast, co-hosts Ryan Meehan from East End Philadelphia and J-Dub from Dubsism examine how the sports media has exposed it’s own hypocrisy with the all the commentary that has surrounded Chicago Bulls’ guard Derrick Rose stating that he doesn’t feel ready to play after his knee injury despite being cleared by doctors.  There have been some hot opinions surrounding this topic, and Meehan’s and J-Dub’s are no exception.

Click here to listen or download the Blast-Cast (MP3 format) to see whether you agree or disagree with  where Meehan and J-Dub. Either way, you don’t want to miss this! (Rated R for language, because J-Dub can’t help from dropping a few F-bombs…)



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3 responses to “SBM Exclusive Feature: The BLAST-CAST – Volume 2: Derrick Rose Exposes The Hypocrisy Of The Sports Media

  1. Ryan Graham

    Loved it. Hopefully I’m not being one of those dumb asses you guys were talking about with my last post. I’m not questioning his toughness or anything like that. I’m just a die hard Bulls fan who wants to tear my eyes out when I watch them play basketball. I’ll take 100% responsibility for my homerism.

  2. Well, your post proves my point that without Rose, the Bulls are hard to watch. But (and I don’t want to be too harsh about this) YOU ARE EXACTLY THE GUY I’M TALKING ABOUT!

    Let me ask you this. What happens if Rose caves to this stuff, and does an RGIII where he re-blows that knee? That’s exactly what happens to far too many guys who come back early. Remember Rob Gronkowski re-breaking his arm in the play-offs?

    Jamal Crawford doesn’t know dick about how Derrick Rose’s knee really feels. The only person who knows that is Rose, and if he says he isn’t ready, then he isn’t ready, period. No means no, people.

    If you are a Bulls fan, here’s the big question: Explain to me exactly how a non-100% Derrick Rose helps? Like we pointed out, the Bulls need the Rose that was the spark plug of that offense, and that guy doesn’t exist on a knee that isn’t ready to play. Yelling at the microwave doesn’t make your Hot Pocket cook faster, sometimes you just have to wait for things to be done right.

  3. Ryan Graham

    Yep that’s what I thought haha. On my logical side, I want him back ready for next season and I don’t want him to rush back and re-injure himself. At the same time, my illogical side is screaming, “PLEASE COME BACK!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! MAKE THE LOSING STOP!!! AHHHHH!”

    If I see Nate Robinson launch (and brick) another three with 19 seconds left on the shot clock… I think I’m going to lose it. Maybe I need to stop watching Bulls basketball for a while. I think it’s bad for my mental health. Maybe I can try ecstasy for the first time or something.. I don’t know.

    Anyway, I think the point of this is that Bulls fans want their team to be good again. They don’t really care if it’s because of Derrick’s return or not. The just see Rose coming back as the easiest path to being good again. I think their frustration blinds them to the fact that Derrick Rose at 80% won’t suddenly make this team a title contender again.

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