Open Letter to Derrick Rose


I am simultaneously writing this letter and watching the Bulls/Kings game. I will describe to you (in parenthesis) what is happening in the game as I write. This should give you a good idea of the shit show that I am witnessing right now. Your team is down by 30 right now. To the fucking Kings! The Kings are 22-43! They are tied for the worst record in the Western Conference. Not to mention, the Kings are playing without their best player, Demarcus Cousins. (Cole Aldrich dunk) As a Bulls fan, I think I speak for everyone in saying that it’s time you come back and play.  (Nate Robinson bricks 3 pointer) The doctors have cleared you to play. They’ve said that getting back on the floor is the final step in the recovery process. (Tyreke Evans fade away from 3. Drains it.)

I know that you don’t feel ready yet. But the only way you’ll ever feel ready again is to get out there and play. You have to work through the discomfort. Ask Jamal Crawford! He had the same injury. (Jimmer Fredette banks in a 2) He’ll tell you to listen to the doctors. You need to come back this season. Do you really want to (Fredette drains corner 3) spend a whole off season with people speculating on whether you’ll be ready or not. You need to get your confidence back, I understand. Get it back by being on the floor. (Halftime. Score 65-36)

Your team just scored 36 points in a half. 36 POINTS IN A HALF! The Kings scored 65. They allowed the Kings to shoot 58% from the floor and 46% from 3. The Kings have 1 turnover. The Bulls have 8. The Bulls bench has scored a grand total of 4 points. This is basketball hell. (Second half starting)

I’ll admit that I’m being a complete homer in writing this letter but I want my Bulls basketball back. (Deng missed jumper, offensive foul on Joakim Noah) I want to turn on the TV and watch the Bulls play lock down defense again. I want to see the Bulls score 100 points in a game again. (Joakim Noah missed lay-up) I miss the excitement. I miss the bench mob. I miss feeling like the Bulls have a chance.

(Noah throws it out of bounds, over the head of Belinelli)

Can you please come back and rescue us from this hell on earth!? I understand that you coming back (Patrick Patterson hits a 3) won’t suddenly turn the Bulls back into a title contender. It won’t bring back Omer Asik, Ronnie Brewer or Kyle Korver. It won’t make Vladimir Radmanovic a professional basketball player. Your brother is right. He’s dumb, but right. The Bulls aren’t built to win a championship right now. (Nate Robinson has three-on-one fast break. Dribbles off his leg) But coming back will give us hope. Hope that we can win games we’re not supposed to. Hope that when another team gets on a run, you’ll be there to hit a driving layup to stop the momentum. (Tyreke Evans layup and one). Three minutes left in the third. The deficit is now 40.

Screw it. I’m watching Storage Wars.

You don’t need to be 2010-2011 Derrick Rose again. You don’t have to be the MVP. You can struggle at first. I won’t mind. You can be at 80%. That’s still better than most of the clowns on the team now. It’s time. You need to come back. For your sake and for mine. I’m dying here. I need my Bulls basketball. I want to feel the excitement again. Please come back. Give this sorry ass team a reason to play hard again.



Final score: Chicago 79 Sacramento 121

Bulls shoot 2-21 from 3.

Bulls turn the ball over 17 times to the Kings 5.

Full box score can be found here.



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4 responses to “Open Letter to Derrick Rose

  1. Okay, so we did a podcast about this on Wednesday that you can find on Talkshoe via the link below.

    Though as a fellow Bulls fan I understand the frustration over their play in the Kings game and the desrie to get a Derrick Rose back on the court, I have to disagree here.

    Dubs made the point that at 50%, a banged up Derrick Rose isn’t going to make that tem any better, and he’s right. The Bulls can go get any D league guy playing at full speed if they want to, and then that also solves the problem of risking Rose be out there for another potential re-injury situation.

    I get it, but I don’t really understand why we need him back in a year where the Heat are going to steam roll anybody they run across.


  2. Ryan Graham

    Well from what I understand, Derrick’s doctor told him that playing is the important last step in his recovery. The exact quote from Bulls team physician Brian Cole was,

    “I think there’s actually a lot of therapeutic benefit to starting with early minutes when it’s safe,” he said. “You have to play to play. All these muscle patterns have to kick in. You can do that off the court informally, but there’s a lot of benefit to playing.”

    Read this article

    It spells out the point I’m trying to make.

    If Rose’s doctor is right, (which I’m not a doctor so I can’t say that he is or isn’t) then Rose should get back on the floor to complete his recovery. I realize that it won’t make the Bulls win a championship but I’d rather have Derrick get the kinks out this season (when the team has no chance to win) than next season.

    And finally, the Bulls ARE better with a 50% Rose. If you literally took Derrick Rose’s career averages and cut them in half, he would be giving you 10.5 points, 3.4 assists and 1.9 rebounds on average each night. On a team that has scored 86.7 points per game so far in the month of March, which is last in the NBA, anything will help.

    If he got a second opinion, that’s fine. If he doesn’t play again this season, fine. I’m over my temper tantrum now. But I think the logical thing to do is let him play 10-20 minutes a game and ease him back into the flow of things. Let him get used to playing again this year and then we can worry about next year later.

    • First of all, ” you have to play to play” is such utter horseshit words don’t even begin to describe it. Doctors fuck up all the time; if they didn’t then malpractice lawyers wouldn’t exist. Doctors cleared Rob Gronkowski to go re-break his arm, doctors cleared RGIII to destroy his knee. I don’t understand why you are in such a hurry to risk the future of your best player.

      Secondly, “50%” doesn’t mean simply cut his stats in half, it means he plays at 50% of his capacity.Did you see Kobe Bryant last night against the Pacer?. After the first shot he took, Indiana quit defending him because they knew he couldn’t play. He could’t drive off the dribble, and he couldn’t hit a 15-foot jump shot. That is exactly what a not-ready Derrick Rose is going to be…a complete non-factor. The guy is telling you that he can’t drive off his left foot, and few players rely on on their legs more than Derrick Rose does. Just because it isn’t what you want to hear doesn’t mean there is a point to denying it.

      Let’s take a look at one part of this nobody is talking about yet…the psychological aspect. If Rose says he’s not ready, he’s not ready. Throwing him out on the court with the expectations that he is going to save the season of a mediocre-to-bad team has every shot to backfire completely.

      That’s brings us back to the obvious point in all of this…a risk-reward analysis. For this huge risk you would be taking with your franchise player, what are you getting? Not much, because any playoff run the Bulls go on is over the minute they run up against the Heat, the Pacers, and the Celtics. If the Knicks get healthy again before the play-offs, you can add them to this list as well. The simple truth is that the Bulls are fading not because of the absence of Rose, but because the rest of the team is beat up.

      Even a healthy Rose has a limited ability to fix that. Right now, the Bulls are putting guys on the floor there’s no point in defending (Taj Gibson, I’m looking at you…) Right now, the Bulls can’t put five guys on the floor that anybody is afraid of. That means Rose is going to draw double (and maybe even triple teams at times) and he won’t have his trademark mobility to escape them.

      The best-case scenario for the Bulls is to hurry up and lose whatever playoff series they get, heal up in the off-season, maybe pick up another front-court presence so Noah doesn’t have to do so much of the heavy lifting, and start fresh next year.

  3. Ry…

    Here’s hoping he does just that.

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