The 51 Professional Sports Cities In North America and Why They All Suck


Let’s face it. Your city sucks. You may not see why your city sucks, because you live there. Much like skunks can’t smell themselves, being a resident may blind you to the mountains of suck that surround you. Trust me, I’ve lived in several of these cities; one of them is essentially my “hometown,”  and believe me, it sucks.  While I currently do not reside in a municipality on this list, I live in between two of them which are close enough together that they both bombard me with their suckiness. This is how I came to this perspective.

It is important for you to understand that I’m not writing this to insult your particular locale, rather as a bit of a fair warning so that in your journeys through you fair cities, you don’t stumble into a vortex of suck from which you cannot escape. Think of it this way…if one of Kanye West’s home-boys had shown him the caution flag on his involvment with Kim Kardashian, he might not now be forever shackled via paternity to that bloated ball of preg-whore.

With that, here’s what to watch for in your sports city…

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