Rule Changes That Would Make Sports More Watchable

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You might be thinking, “Another North KoreaKim Jong UnDennis Rodman article!? Come on dude, give it a rest!”

Okay, okay! Last one I promise.

Last week, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un proposed a new set of rules for the sport of basketball. Rules that are absolutely ridiculous and would turn the NBA into absolute chaos:

  1. Dunks count for three points.
  2. “Three-pointers” that don’t touch the rim are worth four points.
  3. Baskets within the last three seconds of the game count for eight points.
  4. You lose a point for missed free throws.

The missed free throw rule would be a big one. If the NBA played by these rules, Shaq would have cost his teams a total of 5,317 points over his career. This would drop his career points per game from 23.7 down to 19.3. Teams would spend 90% of their practices shooting free throws because of the impact that missing one late in a game would have. Inconsistent free throw shooters would get phased out in favor of smaller grindy white guys who shoot 90+% from the line. More white guys!? No. That’s never the answer to anything basketball related. Just ask the Timberwolves.

North Korea’s basketball rules suck. The NBA is fine just the way it is. But all this talk of rule changes got my juices flowing. Which sports actually need rule changes? I’ve compiled a list below.

Here are sports that would become instantly more watchable with a few simple rule changes.

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One response to “Rule Changes That Would Make Sports More Watchable

  1. I like it, man.

    When’s the next commissioners’ meeting?

    Although officiating in all sports is already so screwy, adding any such rule changes would confound the poor zebras more than they already are.

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