For those expecting a blog about AC/DC after reading the title, sorry to disappoint you. (I don’t mind AC/DC especially the early stuff with the late Bon Scott on vocals. The later stuff is overplayed. But I digress.)

The debate has been raging for many years. Which sport has the toughest athletes? Many people in my homeland will argue hockey has the real tough guys. Some will argue football. Others will go with combat sports like boxing or mixed martial arts. Let me add two other sports that aren’t that big in North America, but are huge in the land down under. Rugby and Australian Rules Football. Now these two sports are not for the faint of heart. These sports are vicious and quite violent. They are also quite entertaining and have strategy and finesse as well.

The two biggest professional sports leagues in Australia recently kicked off their seasons…

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  1. BTW, “The Thunder From Down Under” is also the name of a travelling male dance revue that has the tendency for showing up at local comedy clubs and ruining the floor.


    • These guys appeared at the hotel where my wife works. You should have seen the crowd they drew. If you collected every ovary in the room, you would have a big box of fleshy raisins.

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