B1G Ten’s Jim Delany To Be New Commissioner Of Catholic Church

jim delany catholic commissioner

First, there was the news that for the first time in 600 years a sitting Pope would resign from office. Now, the Catholic Church is taking advantage of that situation to completely revamp it’s leadership structure.

During this rare “sede vacante,” the Catholic Church announced on Saturday that it would take unprecedented steps in its search for a new leader in order to move the church in a new, growth-centered direction.

One of the major changes announced by Camerlengo Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone was the creation of the office of Commissioner.  The duties of this office are to handle many of the operational and administrative functions, while Benedict XVI’s successor in the Papacy would still retain the position as the Supreme Pontiff.

“The next Pope will function more like a Chairman of the Board,” said Cardianl Bertone. “The business operations of the church needed more focused attention. This is just a smart business decision that will allow us as an organization to better synergize our efforts.”

To fill the new Commissioner position, the Catholic Church appointed Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany. The 65-year old Delany has been at the helm of the Big Ten since 1989.

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