The Most Dangerous Man in MLB.

Every team has a nemesis. Every city has an arch enemy, its own personal Lex Luthor. Part of what makes sports so appealing and intriguing isn’t just winning, it’s winning against THEM. It’s not enough that “we” succeed, others must fail.

In Pittsburgh, in terms of football, our Green Goblin is the Baltimore Ravens. If the Pittsburgh Penguins were Batman, the Philadelphia Flyers would be The Joker.

New York vs. Boston. Detroit vs. Chicago. Jordan vs. Bird. Mario vs. Gretzky. Montana vs. Marino.

Every fan base has a rival. Every fan base needs a rival.

The problem for the Pittsburgh Pirates is that they have sucked for so long we don’t have a nemesis anymore. When you are the whipping boy for the entire league, it’s hard to grow a rivalry. The only thing the rest of the league feels towards Pittsburgh is pity. They don’t even rate high enough to get mocked on ESPN anymore, and those idiots just love taking shots at the ‘Burgh. The Pirates=Washington Generals in a league full of Globetrotters.

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