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I already posted an article pointing out double standards in the sports world before, mainly about media coverage, so this has to be part two. But one this past week in sports really infuriated many people, including myself. We’ll call this, “Oscar Pistorius vs Any Troublemaker Athlete in the Past 20 Years.”

In America, when an athlete is charged with a serious crime, we tend to automatically dissociate with said athlete, forgetting our fandom or allegiance to him completely. When Michael Vick was charged with killing dogs in a major dogfighting ring, he became the most hated man in the country. PETA led the charge as millions of dog owners protested and called for Vick’s death. When he came back to the NFL, got the starting spot with the Eagles after waiting a year, and had a remarkable MVP-caliber season, many fans started to backtrack from their hatred. But the hate…

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