What Your Team Needs To Do With It’s 2013 NFL Draft Pick

JW and Goodell draft

Now that we are finally past the Super Bowl, it is time to address the needs of your team heading into the NFL Draft. Everybody has a “mock draft or a “big draft board,” and we are no different…well, except we here at Dubsism are not interested in being the next Mel Kiper; we are more interested in making your team better rather than listening to ourselves blather on or getting some face time four our increasingly-odd pompadour.

In other words, we wholeheartedly reject the “Mel Kiper theory” which states you always draft the best player available. Sometimes, you are better off making a move to help your team. Be advised that as you peruse this list, “The Kiper Theory” is based on an aggregate of several mock drafts and Kiper’s own board. Then, we will give you the best available player according to the Dubsism Big Board. After that, we will give you the straight dope on what we believe your team really needs to do to best address its needs.  Be advised that we here at Dubsism really don’t care what Mel says, and we really don’t care that much about workouts, combines, and the silliness of those college “all-star ” games which are really just glorified scrimmages. Instead, we are all about realistic football solutions.

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