The four best (and worst) words in Pittsburgh: Pitchers and Catchers report.

There are many things that make the United States so unique. Like China, some of it has to do with our isolation from so much of the rest of it. The only real difference between the US and Canada is a slightly different set of priorities when it comes to fishing, hockey and baseball. Canadians love to fish because, well, because there isn’t much else to do I guess. And while they are hopelessly obsessed with pucks and Zambonis, south of the border we love leather bound gloves and triangular fields of precisely trimmed grass, framed precisely at 90° with lines of chalk.

The rest of the world loves their football, we love our baseball. Why? Who knows. The heart wants what the heart wants. Americans seem strangely obsessed with Justin Beiber and dozens of shows about over-tanned housewives acting like inebriated tramps, so our proclivities are not so easily explained. There are thousands of books (literally) written on America’s love affair with baseball, and all of them would do a better job encapsulating or explaining our love of a child’s game than I could. Suffice to say, despite the players and per-eminent league’s best efforts, we love then game anyway.

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  1. I just hope for the sake of Pirates fans everywhere that we don’t get a repeat of the last two seasons, where the Bucs contend until July, then do the “Lucy pulling the football out from under Charlie Brown” gag

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