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Instead of Thoughts of the Day, tonight it’s Poll of the Day! ESPN SportsNation has been doing polls for years everyday, and I always love to vote on them, so why not make it tonight’s post? Let’s do it!

  • When will a No. 16 seed beat a No. 1 seed in the NCAA tournament?
  • Choices: This year, within 5 years, within 10 years, not within 10 years, or never.
  • My Vote: Within 5 years
  • My Take: I could even see option one of this year. This year has been the season of upsets in college basketball, and number one seems to go down every single week. There hasn’t been one definite best team in the country yet, so I could see a 1 stumbling and finally losing to a 16. Remember, UNC-Asheville outplayed Cuse for 35 minutes last year and, if not for a lane violation call late, could have…

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