When the Baltimore Ravens hoisted the Vince Lombardi trophy, 31 other teams were already beginning to plan out their 2013 season. Such is life in the NFL. For all the glory the Ravens are relishing in, every other team is painstakingly back at the drawing board, trying to find the right mix for the championship recipe. So where do the teams stand? Here’s a look.

Baltimore Ravens:

Ed Reed Vince Lombardi Trophy

The new Super Bowl Champions will be going through some changes when September arrives. The most obvious being Ray Lewis retiring, but the Ravens may have to shift their focus on areas to improve. For most of its franchise history, the offense was deemed to be an issue, but a case could be made that the defense has room for improvement. The secondary and linebackers could use more depth, while some tinkering is needed up front. Still, those are quibbles compared to everyone…

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