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Today’s Thoughts of the Day takes another look at the Manti Te’o situation now that we have more details, as well as talking more Lakers drama and a heartwarming story in Michigan.

  • I have changed my perspective on the Manti Te’o controversy almost completely. The Katie Couric interview today only confirmed this to me. Now that we have more insight on the situation, as well as more evidence, it is clear that Manti did not create the hoax. The man behind it, Ronaiah Tuiasosopo, clearly had some psychological issues, and the whole thought that a guy would do that is just bizarre. He projected his own insecurities onto an unsuspecting college kid, making it very believable that he was indeed Lennay. I know Manti wasn’t completely honest, and he kept the hoax going, but we need to give him a break. He was emotionally attached to someone he thought was…

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