Two coaching hires in the NFL on Wednesday raised some eyebrows around the league. The Chicago Bears got the day started by announcing Marc Trestman as their new head coach, replacing the recently fired Lovie Smith. Just hours later, the Philadelphia Eagles surprised some observers by hiring Chip Kelly as their new head coach, replacing Andy Reid who was the coach of the Eagles for 14 seasons.

Marc Trestman

The Bears announcement of Trestman as their new bench boss was actually tweeted out by former Dallas Cowboys coach, and current FOX analyst Jimmy Johnson last week. But the Bears decided to interview more candidates, before deciding on Trestman. There is no doubting of Trestman’s credentials. For the last five seasons, the 57-year-old Minneapolis native was the head coach of the Montreal Alouettes, leading them to 2 Grey Cup victories. The Alouettes are arguably the flagship franchise of the CFL, and Trestman has…

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  1. For purposes of full disclosure, I am an Eagles fan. I’ve been chugging cheese-steaks and chucking batteries for over forty years.

    Having said that, I hate this hire, and for the same reasons I think make this hire extremely questionable.

    This guy is a totally unproven commodity as an NFL head coach.. Sure, he may very well be successful, but he’s got an equally likely chance to be the next battery recipient.

    Let’s face it, Kelly has every shot to be the next Saban or Spurrier, meaning he blows into town as the great collegiate coach, and when he realizes that he’s never going to be better than a 5-11 NFL coach, and when he’s tired of being called “that visor-wearing c–ksucker” on the local sports radio station, he’s getting out of town for the next good college job that opens up.

    Remember that two years from now when Kelly is coaching the recently de-Kiffined USC.

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