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In Sunday’s crazy Seahawks-Falcons divisional round game, Seattle miraculously came back from down 27-7 to take a 28-27 lead with less than a minute left. The Falcons had one last march up the field and somehow found themselves with a golden chance at a game-winning field goal, a chance to save themselves from once again being labeled “chokers.” Matt Bryant stepped up and…. missed! Seahawks win right? Wrong. Pete Carroll called timeout before the play to try and make Bryant think more about this do-or-die kick. Bryant’s only thoughts during that timeout were how to step up and make it in his second chance, and he drilled it. Season over for Seattle. Without hindsight, did Pete Carroll make the right decision? Should teams stop icing the kicker? Let’s review:

  • Per ESPN’s Stats and Info, kickers who were iced from 2001 through 2011 made 76 percent of their field goals, as opposed…

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  1. In a word…YES!

    Dumbest thing ever.

  2. Just seems like such a coward move in such a man’s game to me


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