Hopefully Lovie is waving goodbye to the NFC North in favor of the NFC East

Hopefully Lovie is waving goodbye to the NFC North in favor of the NFC East

by Ryan Meehan

This past week has sucked out here in WestIll. Everybody’s sick, the snow from Winter Storm Immigrant Name or whatever the hell it was called is slowly melting, and the general mood is very depressing. I myself was feeling under the weather until I saw something that made me smile.

On Tuesday, as I sit at home in the early evening I run across this:

That’s right, Lovie Smith will be interviewed by the Philadelphia Eagles. As a Giants fan who is not a very big Lovie supporter, this turned my frown upside the fuck down when I read about it. It’s just hilarious. Nothing would be a bigger thinner in the blood flow of mediocrity that is surrounding that franchise with guns drawn than the second coming of Art Shell wearing the headset for the Iggles.

At first there was this ecstatic moment where I thought he might actually be a lead candidate and that this was really going to happen, quickly followed by this “too good to be true” moment of clarity. However, there is a possibility otherwise they wouldn’t be interviewing him at all so I figured I’d better draft something up and just present my side of the story. So here’s my message to Lovie, unedited:

Mr. Smith,

Thank you for taking this letter into consideration as I know you have several documents to look over at this particular time. Since we’re already there, let’s talk about that for a minute.

Between you and me, (and the rest of the world of sports that knows better) we all realize that you don’t really have several documents to look over. I am guessing because of the fact that you started the year 7-1 and didn’t make the playoffs it’s not a feeding frenzy for your attention in the popularity department. I see that you are interviewing with the Philthadelphia Eagles on Thursday and I was going to just let you know I hope that interview goes very well for you.

A wise man once said: “Lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way”. Since you represent the true spirit of falling under the latter category, I’d just like to share with you the thought that there’s no better place to carry on that tradition of almost making it happen like Philadelphia. I think that you would make a great successor to Andy Reid, and with a little work I believe that you can turn a 4-12 team into a completely different 4-12 team, or perhaps even a 3-13 that’s in a whole separate class of irrelevance.

I’m thrilled that you have left the Illinois market. I can’t tell you how nice it is not to hear about whether or not fans who sort of care but won’t think that hard about anything care about you sort of caring but not thinking too hard about anything. We don’t miss you, and nothing else has changed. Actually, that’s not true. Gas prices have gone down. Christmas cleanup went off without a hitch, and Bears fans are already hammered preparing for next year and yelling about how they are the most awesome team to even set foot on a football field. So it’s time for you to move on, and the best place for you to do that would be in Philly.

Since you won’t exactly have the defense that you were able to ride to Super Bowl Forty One (and by “exactly” I mean “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA”) the NFC East is a perfect place for you to be the punching bag of that NFL fragment. Hell, I could see you underachieving to your heart’s desire by losing to the Cowboys if you really worked hard enough. As a Giants fan, might I just be the first one to say welcome aboard. We also think you should keep that offensive line that’s getting younger every day.


Ryan P Meehan

P.S. I know this news seems to good to be true, but I just want to be shown the light – that the world isn’t such a horrible existence and that people like you belong in places like that. Give me a reason to smile like there’s something bad about my intentions.

I’m aware that Bruce Arians will probably get this job if he decides he wants it, but it was worth a shot. And if nothing else, it gave me something to do to distract me from this cold.



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  1. I wouldn’t be shocked at all if Lovie goes to Philly. He’s not the right guy for the job so Lurie may hire him. If Lovie is smart, he goes to San Diego or Arizona.

  2. I was actually hoping Philadelphia would hire Romeo Crennel. I mean, an NFL sideline that doesn’t have Romeo is simply not as entertaining as one that does. The absurdly confused look he always has is priceless. He makes Tom Coughlin’s “WHAT THE FUCK?” face look bland and mundane. I always imagine Romeo is off in some other world, free of difficult decisions, like whether to let Matt Casse throw it on 3 and 1 or hand it off to all-world running back Jamal Charles.

    He’s probably weighing his post game meal choices:
    “Original or extra crispy? Two buckets of the same or one bucket of each kind? How to get to the drive-through fast before that other fat fuck Jason Whitlock eats all the cheesecake cups. Ah decisions….Wait….how many time-outs do I have left?”

  3. Lovie Smith just interviewed with the Eagles. I’m soooooooooooooo fucked.

  4. That line about “second coming of Art Shell” just hit me. I’m fucked with a 14-inch dick made entirely of fire ants.

  5. Lovie coaches defense and has a line that is terrible. Sounds like Chicago all over again.

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