I guess I never realized this, but Cris Collinsworth's got some George Washington chompers, doesn't he?

I guess I never realized this, but Cris Collinsworth’s got some George Washington chompers, doesn’t he?

by Ryan Meehan

Since we’re taking a much needed break at FOH and not doing the wrap ups or picks until the playoffs start, for some reason I’m feeling obligated to share a little bit about what I saw around the league today. So here it goes…

1. The Houston Texans disappoint me to no end. They had the chance to wrap up home field advantage today against the Vikings (who are going to end up being the most overrated team to make the playoffs) and they blew it. There’s going to be some discussion regarding their offensive skill level and all of those questions are reasonable.

2. Speaking of Minnesota, they did look pretty good and picked up a huge road win, but this maddening desire to cover Adrian Peterson’s pursuit of Eric Dickerson’s record is pointless because he’s not going to get it. He’s already had one of the best years ever after returning from an injury almost nobody recovers from well, and that’s all that really matters. Although he’s a competitive guy, I’m sure deep down he doesn’t really care as long at they get a good seed.

3. Denver is the hottest team in the league right now. If you’re anywhere near them you are going to get flattened, it’s as simple as that. However, you could say the same thing about the Green Bay Packers and you wouldn’t be wrong.

4. In the years to come, if the Seattle Seahawks can find a way to get to the next level and become a 12 or even a 13 win team, the rest of the NFC could end up being in a lot of trouble because they aren’t going to be losing a whole lot of home games over the next five years. Keep in mind also that when the preseason started we all just assumed Matt Flynn would be the starting QB, so you have to be impressed with them at 10-5.

5. The New York Giants are garbage.

6. What’s going on in Pittsburgh isn’t necessarily Tomlin’s fault. They have no running game at all, and although the Steelers look good on paper it doesn’t translate to the field like it used to.

7. Atlanta? I’ll believe it when I see it.

8. I’m not quite sure what’s going on with the 49ers, but it’s approaching being something very serious that they might not have figured out before it’s too late.

9. If the Tim Tebow thing is true, I’m glad that he has finally decided to stand up for himself about something. He’s gone next year anyway, and somebody had to say something about the way that organization is being run.

10. What the Colts and the Redskins have done is nothing to sneer at, those are both good teams and keep in mind a month ago Washington was under .500. And Bruce Arians of Indianapolis doesn’t get nearly enough credit for what he’s done over there.

11. I really hope that Dallas misses the playoffs. They don’t deserve to be there anyway and they take up a ridiculous portion of the sports news cycle.

12. The Bears need the Packers to win in order to get in, which is kind of funny.

13. Jim Schwartz probably isn’t going to be the coach of the Detroit Lions next year. Between not knowing the rules and being the second biggest underachieving franchise in the league, there’s not a whole lot of reason to keep him around.

14. In the last point I probably should have clarified who the biggest underachieving franchise in the league was: It’s the Philadelphia Eagles and it’s really not even close.

15. The Bengals probably won’t win a playoff game unless they end up with Baltimore, but it’s cool to see them succeed in a division where it’s very difficult to even place second.


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