NFL Week 14 Picks

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Time for NFL Week 14 picks! Big games this week for wild card contenders and playoff seeding. Who’s going to lock up a spot and who will be disappointed in defeat? Let’s pick ’em! First, the picks update:

  • Week 13: 8-6
  • Season: 127-63

Week 14 Picks

  • Broncos vs Raiders: Broncos
  • Rams vs Bills: Bills
  • Cowboys vs Bengals: Bengals
  • Chiefs vs Browns: Browns
  • Titans vs Colts: Colts
  • Bears vs Vikings: Vikings
  • Chargers vs Steelers: Steelers
  • Eagles vs Buccaneers: Buccaneers
  • Ravens vs Redskins: Redskins
  • Falcons vs Panthers: Falcons
  • Jets vs Jaguars: Jets
  • Dolphins vs 49ers: 49ers
  • Saints vs Giants: Giants
  • Cardinals vs Seahawks: Seahawks
  • Lions vs Packers: Packers
  • Texans vs Patriots: Patriots

There’s the picks for Week 14 everybody! Only real upset I have this week is Vikings over Bears. The Bears have lost a few very winnable games lately, and to be honest, Adrian Peterson is going to run all over the Bears…

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