northern illinois celebration

Without a lot of undue fanfare, I’m just going to get to the reasons…

1) It Exposes The BCS For Being A Complete Sham

This is what happens when you have a half-playoff, half-bullshit system. It’s no secret I am an anti-BCS guy; I’ve devised my own solution to this problem. But since the Dubsism approach involves a) dismatling the current conference system and b) makes complete sense, it will never happen. That means I have precious little options other than to rail against the BCS.

Georgia got a royal screwing, but that didn’t even come from the BCS. That was done by the Sugar Bowl selection committee.  Despite coming within a few yards of beating Alabama and landing in the BCS Championship game, Georgia gtes left out of the BCS entirely thanks to the Sugar Bowl’s decision to take Florida; a team that the Bulldogs beat in October…

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