2012 Small Conference College Risk Map

The tectonic re-alignments enveloping college football are limited to the big dogs…like Ronald Reagan’s economic theory, there’s a “Trickle-Down” effect.

With the pending dissolution of the WAC, and the seemingly imminent cancellation by the western teams that were going to join the Big East in 2013, this becomes an even more wide-open map in terms of land-grab potential than the “big boys” map is.

1) As we said on the “big boys” map, the Big East is in it’s death throes as a major conference.  Once Syracuse and Pittsburgh are gone, the Big East might as well split and merge with the MAC and Conference USA based on geography.

2) The Mountain West looks like it could become the leviathan of the little guys.  Think about it, Boise State is likely available, because you know they are going to bail on the Big East just like TCU did…

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