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The Philadelphia Eagles have had a pretty miserable season. They have lost their starting quarterback(Michael Vick), their starting tailback(LaSean McCoy) and after last week, it looked like they lost their pride. Well, Vick and McCoy are still out for this week with concussions, but the Eagles do play for their pride on Sunday night as they head to Dallas. The Cowboys are barely hanging on in the playoff picture after losing to the Washington Redskins on Thanksgiving. Pride or the hunger for the playoffs? Which one will it be?

Rookie Nick Foles has stepped into the starting quarterback position for the Eagles. He definitely played better than he did the week prior, but he also did not create any big plays. Heading into Dallas, he will be without the previously mentioned McCoy and he will also be without one of his best receivers, DeSean Jackson. With those two out, expect Foles to look for wide receiver Jeremy Maclin even more than…

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  1. Forget about records. The Eagles are the worst team in the NFL right now.

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