First of all, we need to define “butt-chugging.”

From Urban Dictionary:

Butt Chugging – The act of ingesting alcohol through one’s rectum. The idea is to increase the alcohol’s effect and the speed with which one becomes intoxicated.

OK, now that you know that, you likely won’t be shocked to discover the story which spawned post originated in a college fraternity. If you are familiar with the SEC, you won’t be shocked to heat the fraternity in question is at Tennessee (or your shocked it wasn’t at Georgia, but that’s another story).

Now that you understand the premise here, you’ve likely already figured out there are two ways to cover this story.  First, there is the serious way, because there are some serious implications here.  From USA Today:

The University of Tennessee has indefinitely suspended a fraternity for allegedly giving a 20-year-old student an “alcohol enema” that sent him…

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