It’s time for a great exercise in the hypocrisy that is political correctness. In terms of the treatment of homosexuals, the pendulum of social acceptance has taken a great swing. Thirty years ago, being intolerant of homosexuals was perfectly acceptable, and while idiocy will never be completely eradicated, tolerance has now become the norm rather than the exception.

However, one of the great way to get that pendulum to swing back is to abuse that tolerance. The case of Jamie Kuntz offers a perfect example.  Kunts was a college football player who claims he was dismissed from the team for being gay.

There’s a formula for creating victimhood where there is none, and Kuntz is using it to a tee.

1) The False Assumption: Kuntz Was Dismissed Because of His Sexuality

Even the original story has a hard time supporting that claim, largely because later on Kuntz himself admits to…

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