There is no avoiding it. A lockout is coming. And it will be nasty. Both sides are entrenched in their views on how to split the revenues. And they are not budging. How do we know this? From the home office in Fleming, Saskatchewan. The Top 1o signs the NHL Lockout will last a long time.

10. Gary Bettman was seen diving into a pool of money like Scrooge McDuck.

9. Paul Bissonette handed in his application form to McDonald’s.

8. This is a ploy to keep Brian Burke quiet.

7. The KHL offered a lifetime contract to Alexander Ovechkin.

6. The owners have tickets to this year’s Super Bowl.

5. Don Cherry hasn’t been seen suit shopping in weeks.

4. CBC already announced plans for a Little Mosque on the Prairie marathon to replace Hockey Day In Canada.

3. Pierre McGuire is more nervous than an awkward teenager on…

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