It looks like another work stoppage will plague the NHL. After cancelling the 2004-05 season due to a lockout, the NHL experienced 7 years of labour peace and actual games on the ice. However, the NHL is prepared to lockout its players again. The issue is revenues and the splitting of those revenues between players and owners. They have till September 15 to reach a deal otherwise their will be another labour dispute in the NHL. It will be the third time since commissioner Gary Bettman took over the NHL in 1992, that the NHL will have a work stoppage.

So with that in mind: From the home office in Fleming, Saskatchewan, the Top 10 people would be more suitable to be commissioner than Gary Bettman.

10. Cobra Commander

9. Herb Tarlek

8. Montgomery Burns

7. Sigfried from Kaos

6. Glenn Quagmire (giggidy)


5. Walt White

4. Quick Draw…

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