A recap of the 2012 MLB Non-waiver trade deadline. The Southern Fried Sports Girls chose a few teams, labeled them champs or chumps and how the moves will affect the teams as the playoffs draw near.

The Southern Fried Sports Girl


On an episode of The Fresh Prince, Will Smith was asked “What baseball?”, to which he responded, “What baseball? Baseball sport where man with stick hit ball and run” in a Cuban accent, no less:

The July 31st non-waiver trade deadline ended on Tuesday at 4PM. Not that drama can’t ensue after this date, teams have until August 31st to trade players via waivers.

To reflect on this recent trade deadline, I am separating the biggest champs (or prospective World Series Champions) from the biggest chumps. Why? Let’s be honest: this deadline brings front-runners, division leaders and Wild Card chasers either closer to their goals or not.

This deadline did not come short of talented, maybe under- or overrated pieces that multiple teams coveted (see Dempster, Grienke) by multiple teams. Thus creating bidding wars, drama, and the type of angst MTV would want to profit off of. All in…

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