This series of articles will celebrate (or laugh at) some of the worst professional sports teams of all time. I will focus on teams within my lifetime so expect the worst from the 1970s to present day. 

This one hurts. It hurts real bad. But I have to do it because this team definitely belongs as one of the worst teams ever. As most of my faithful readers know, I love the Detroit Lions with a passion! They are my favourite team in the NFL. Barry Sanders is my all time favourite player. I loved this team since 1981 when Billy Sims was doing the highstep at the Pontiac Silverdome. But, the 2008 Lions brought me no joy.

The crazy thing is, the Lions came into the season with high expectations. After 6 straight years of 10 or more losses, the Lions got off to a great start in 2007…

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  1. It wasn’t long after that that Jon Kitna guaranteed the Lions would win ten games… and they still sucked.

    Fortunately for Lions fans, they are currently having the last laugh because that team right now is pretty damn good.

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