Today, we are going to explode a big misconception about booze, namely that it always impedes athletic performance. Babe Ruth used to have a pint of bourbon for breakfast, then slam three homers. Ex-major league pitching coach Barney Schultz used to implore his players to “pound those Budweisers, boys.”  Now, according to CBS Chicago, we have Dennis Rodman.

When an athlete abstains from substance abuse, typically their career will flourish.

According to a report, however, that’s not the case for former NBA bad boy Dennis Rodman. The Hall of Fame center said he became “boring” when he got sober briefly eight years ago and that no team wanted anything to do with him.

“People wouldn’t even touch me,” an emotional Rodman said. “I was boring. I wasn’t the Dennis Rodman of old.”

Boring? Really? This is the same guy we’ve seen show at book signings in a wedding dress…

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