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Tebow’s Excitement & The Jets Lack of Support Make A Dumb Trade Laughable

Yesterday quarterback Tim Tebow was announced as the newest member of the New York Jets. What they didn’t tell us: that Tebow is really, really, really excited. As much as I want to, I cannot hate on Tim’s spirit and his love for football. What I can criticize is why someone who is so well spoken can come off as such a dumb jock in a press conference. Some media people say he handled it well, and he did, but in not the way he spoke. He handles the fact that not one Jet front office personnel was there with him. How are you going to host your own press conference? An ill timed press conference during the NFL owner meetings, where Jets ownership and head coach Rex Ryan were yesterday. Said Tebow about their absence, “I have bosses, too, and they wanted me to stand up here and talk to you
all,” he explained, “so I can blame it on them because they made me do
it (NFL.COM)”.

How can a newly acquired player be the lone representative for a franchise? Ask Guy Smiley and the New York Jets.

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The 2012 Dubsism NCAA Bracket Challenge – Instead of “The Final Four,” It Should Be “The Final Countdown”

10…9…8…  Eventually you get the blinding flash, then the blast wave that crushes everything in its path for miles in every direction, then the radioactive fallout which poisons the landscape into a toxic nuclear wasteland where there simply is no survival.

Then there’s what happened to my bracket.  This was beyond collapse; this may have been the worst bracket I’ve ever filled out.  If you read any further, be warned that my bracket exploded with such ferocity that radiation may be seeping into your eyeballs at this very moment.

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