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The 2012 Dubsism NCAA Bracket Challenge – The Final Nail Is Not Yet In The Coffin, But We Don’t Have Many Left

Well, we are past the first weekend of the NCAA Basketball Tournament, and as is tradition, my brackets are so much smoldering wreckage. As is also tradition, there’s no blaming this on a “Cinderella,” there’s no on single event to which I can point the causatory finger; I’m lousy at filling out a bracket.  Seriously, I’ve literally filled out thousands of these damn things, and I’ve had maybe two that didn’t suck swamp water.

Needless to say, this year’s official Dubsism Bracket is not one of those two.

Overall Standings:

Eighth-place is probably a bit too far back of the pack to make a move at the far turn, but at least I still have my champion in the field. In other words, the sole pleasure I have left in this bracket is having a strong bout of head-turning-purple laughter at those two dopes who both picked Big 12 teams (and not even the best of that fraudulent conference). Iowa State? Missouri? BWAHHHHHHAHHHHH!!! (deep, lung re-loading gasp) BWAHHHHHHAHHHHH!!!

Now, for purposes of fairness, here’s everybody’s opportunity to laugh at my choices… Continue reading


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